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Interview with… Luisa-Christie

Luisa-Christie is a blogger and businesswoman with a self-proclaimed ‘colourful and alternative edge’. On her blog she covers many subjects including self-love and body confidence, being LGBTQI+, her passion for festivals and vegan and cruelty-free products. She runs her own Influencer Marketing consultancy business Loud Cat Social and is a content creator on her own account @luisachristie.

Have you had any ‘pinch me’ moments during your career?
Oh, that’s a tough one, there’s been so many that almost haven’t seemed real since I’ve lived in London. I think a highlight has definitely been being ‘on the list’ and attending some of my fave festivals with amazing line ups with a press pass. There’s also been a few shows I’ve been to with o2 music at some of their venues around London. One time I took my mum to see Cher from their box at The o2 arena which was pretty special, we had such a fun evening! It’s always so amazing working with brands I’ve known and loved for years, whether it’s product exchange for organic placement in content or a paid campaign where I’m promoting something specifically for them – so many ‘pinch me’ moments. Another big one for me was being on Dr Martens radar and getting a Vegan pair customised (by Laurie Lee @laurieleestudio) at an International Women’s Day event they did in the Carnaby Street Store last year!

Photo by Amy Davies Photography

You started your own business during lockdown. Has this been beneficial? Have you had to overcome any big obstacles?
I had always wanted to try and “do it on my own” as it were, and after 6ish years working in the music industry and 3.5 of those in the Social Media & Marketing dept at a major label I finally started my own thing: Loud Cat Social @loudcatsocial! I felt it was time – at the ripe ol’ age of 30, so glad I finally went for it. It was also thanks to some other things falling into place to help make it happen. It’s been touch and go at times, but I know I am very fortunate to be in the position I am in and still staying afloat almost a year later. Especially given everything that’s going on in the world!

Any tips for ladies on how to believe in themselves?
I am terrible at taking my own advice, but I would say try not to second guess yourself, go with your gut. And be true to yourself. We second guess ourselves so much as humans, but particularly as women, and there’s a lot of feeling like we aren’t knowledgeable enough – when that’s a load of rubbish. Self-belief, being authentic and staying true to yourself are all so important (but don’t ask my friends if I’m any good at believing in myself, because they will tell you I suck at it – imposter syndrome is very real!).

Who are your favourite women to follow/ any women on your radar doing amazing things?
Oh my gosh, there are so so many – Pretty sure 99% of the people I follow are badass women so if you’re looking for any new ones to add to your timeline scroll through the ones I follow. Some favourites I would recommend checking out off the top of my head are @munroebergdorf @curvynyome @cassyette @stephanieyeboah @ajabarber and @sophieteaart.

Any fun plans for 2021?
I’m trying not to get *too* excited for “after lockdown” but that being said it is very easy to get carried away with planning. At the moment I have tickets for a few things that I really hope go ahead! A camping trip with friends (bell tents with 2-4 people, each with their own hot tubs and barbecues and a whole private camp site), also a couple of day festivals, and a few Pride events (Brighton, London and potentially Manchester). And a few more tattoos hopefully too. But we shall see if any of that happens, eh!

What’s your favourite TGF Piece?
Sadly I only own one piece (although I have my eye on many more) and it’s the Cat Ring. I loved it for years before finally purchasing it and wear it all the time next to my Tessa Metcalfe Love Heart ring. I am also a big fan of the Flaming Heart Pendant which will hopefully be my next purchase… Ring wise I’ve had my eye on the Sammi Jefcoate collab one for SO long… As well as the Rose Ring and Heart & Dagger Ring! TGF have so much gorgeous jewellery, I’m sure I’ll be purchasing more soon enough!

Favourite Record
Ah, what a question! This is so tricky to answer because I listen to such a range of artists. I’ve always been a big pop-punk gal – I grew up spending a lot of time on MySpace (didn’t we all lol). I was SUCH a sucker for American boy bands growing up, a few are definitely still guilty pleasures.

Favourite Book
One I always recommend and think is relevant here is ‘Little Black Book: A Toolkit For Working Women’ by Otegha Uwagba. It’s a modern guide for women working in creative industries – short and compact and I pick it up and read through every now and again.

Favourite Podcast
I must admit I am more of a music listener than a Podcast listener. However I’ve listened to a few of the ‘On Wednesday’s We Wear Black’ podcasts with the amazing Sophie K, Yasmine Summan, and Alyx Holcombe and they’re great. It’s nice to hear women and non-binary people speaking about the rock and alternative music scene!

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