General Information

If your wedding or engagement ring isn’t available to buy online, please arrange a free consultation by emailing with your budget, a link to the TGF design and date.

Choosing a Diamond

We source white diamonds specifically to your budget and specification. You can select your perfect diamond at an appointment in store but if you are unable to make it in, we will send you clear images and videos.

How long does it take to make the ring?

We make each ring to order. The process from confirming your order to creating your unique ring can take approximately a month in total, so please take this into consideration if you have a particular date you need it by.

What if I do not know the ring size?

Don’t worry if you don’t know what size you need, we can make the engagement ring in a standard size and we will happily resize this for free after they’ve said yes.

Engagement ring shipping information

We are currently only selling the wedding collection via our London store and online. If you need your engagement ring shipped, we can quote for this when you enquire. Due to the high value of diamonds we use a specialist courier to ensure safe delivery. We can ship internationally.

Diamond Information

The 4 C’s refers to the 4 main elements we look for when choosing the best diamonds for you.


Possibly the most important element of the 4 Cs. When a stone is cut to precision it will show the diamond’s magical brilliance and interaction with light (the sparkle) – which is why we love diamonds so much! To compromise on the cut compromises on the overall look of the diamond.


Diamonds are graded from D – Z; D being colourless and the most desirable through to Z which is yellow. The whiteness of the diamond contributes to its brilliance when combined with the other Cs. We will only source diamonds that are graded from D-F; these are defined as ‘colourless’.


Clarity is defined as the absence of inclusions and blemishes. During a diamond’s formation when it is exposed to extreme heat and pressure, it can contain unique birthmarks, either internal (inclusions) or external (blemishes). Diamonds are cut to maximise the clarity, the fewer inclusions there are, the more expensive the diamond becomes.


A carat is the weight of the diamond. A carat doesn’t define the size of the diamond, this is a common misconception. Getting the biggest diamond doesn’t necessarily mean you will get the biggest carat. Choosing the correct carat will ultimately come down to the stone you have you heart set on and you think will look best on your future fiancé’s hand.

Our designs are made to fit round brilliant diamonds. This is the most classic and popular diamond shape. At this time we don’t offer different diamond shapes.

We offer 0.5 carat and 1 carat diamond weights as standard. If you have a bigger budget in mind and are looking for a special diamond with a higher carat, please email us on and we can source this for you.

We buy our diamonds from a rusted gemstone supplier that we have been using for decades, we can source certified diamonds but the price will increase significantly, please ask at the time of enquiry so we can compare prices for you.

Gold & Platinum

We only offer our smaller wedding and engagement bands in 18ct gold or platinum.

We offer our larger wedding bands (5mm, 9mm and Hewn) in 9ct gold as they are weightier rings and the price difference is quite a lot higher. However we would recommend choosing a minimum of 18ct gold for your wedding bands as it has a higher gold content and it looks brighter.

This collection is not available in silver. Silver is too soft to set diamonds; a diamond is much harder than silver so there is a chance the silver could wear away after a time causing the stone to come loose. And besides, if you’re going to spend money on a beautiful diamond, you want it to shine and to look its best.