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Women’s History Month: Interview with Sophia Hadjipanteli

In celebration of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month, we spoke to some of the most inspiring females we know to find out their stories, their hobbies, what drives them and the women that inspire them.

This week, we’re featuring Sophia Hadjipanteli, a model and activist who grew up between the UK and the US. We’ve admired this lady for quite some time now, thanks to her ongoing quest to redefine beauty standards and her drive to inspire people to challenge traditional beauty norms.

What females have inspired and supported you the most in life?

My mom is honestly the epitome [of] inspiring to me. She not only accepted me at every single “phase” in my life, but she ENCOURAGED me to try new things, to live my life outside the box, and to never stop being myself. No one in my life has ever taught me such an unconditional love for the “different”, the “unique”, or the “special” things we face in our life. I am most inspired by something you do not see every day and that all came from my mama. 

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given by a fellow female?

Talk to yourself as if you were speaking to a much younger more innocent version of yourself. Sometimes we are way too harsh on ourselves and that advice really put things into perspective for me! We are all still learning to love ourselves so every step won’t be easy as people think it is! 

Can you explain the unibrow movement to us?

I created the #UnibrowMovement to create a safe space on the internet where people can express themselves however they want, in a community of people who are on a similar wave. The beauty in the movement is the potential to meet/discover so many other likeminded individuals via the hashtag. I started a lot of my career online and the majority of it (even today) was not positive. I have always had a unibrow and whether it was jet-black or bleach blonde, I never realized how polarizing of a beauty feature it was until everyone online suddenly either hated or loved the way I look. I constantly get negative criticism for the way I look and it does sting a little, but I am definitely used to standing up for myself and believing in myself as a result of it. My “flaw” actually is the reason I love myself so much. The incredible artists, models, actors, and other creatives that have come into my life through discovering each other online is amazing. I just want to show people you can be whoever you want, look however you want, and love whoever you want without fear of constant rejection. Even if it is just a small amount of support from a group of strangers online, that is still enough to make someone believe in themselves.

What would you say to a girl or woman struggling to feel confident or body positive?

It is a process. Not everyone feels 100% every single day and that is totally ok. It starts inside though! You could be the most “perfect” person in the world but if you do not see it with your own eyes you will never feel that love for yourself. It takes time to build that relationship with yourself but once you do, everything just feels so much better. You feel free. 

Favourite female musician or band?

One of my favorite female musicians right now is Banks but I have always been a Lana Del Rey fan too! Her voice is like the soundtrack to my teenage years! I do also really love ABBA – although there were two guys I firmly believe the ladies steered that ship baby!

What’s your favourite piece of TGF jewellery?

Ever since I was a little girl I always loved skulls. My very first skull was a taxidermy baby alligator skull that was my mom’s. I seriously brought that thing with me everywhere! So I would say my favorite piece that I do not already own is the Large Skull Cuff! It has always been a piece I admire when I go into the store!

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