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TGF Music | Bobby Don Broco Interview

We recently headed out for a walk and a chat in Soho with Bobby from Don Broco, pre-summer festival season, to learn about his musical influences and inspirations and what world domination looks like for the band.


Who are your biggest influences, musical or non-musical?

When I was a kid I read a book called Cloud Atlas which had a massive on how I approach anything creative. It’s mostly a sci-fi novel but jumps between genres from chapter to chapter. I’d never read anything like it, it had so many different ideas that somehow knitted together to create something truly original. There was section that described writing music, all the notes out there have been used a million times before but it’s the order and way they’re put together that create that magic feeling when you hear something fresh and exciting. That’s what I try to do with Don Broco, take all these varied elements of the music I love and do something no ones ever done before with them. 


Wheres your favourite city and or venue to play? 

This is too hard a question as there are so many! But as it’s kinda fresh in my mind from our last European tour I’ll go with Budapest. The city is beautiful, loads of great vintage shopping, coffee spots, bars etc and as we’d never been before and didn’t know what to expect the crowd just totally blew our minds. Most places we’ve been to you have to work over a few years to nurture a fan base so passionate, but these fans there were insane. The energy in the most pit was up there with the craziest pits we’ve had in London or New York, they knew all the words and were singing so loud I thought my in-ear monitors had broken at one point as so much crowd noise was cutting through it was incredible. 


Which piece of TGF jewellery do you think best symbolises your energy?

Energy wise I’d like to think I’m on the same vibration as the gold winged purple amethyst ring. It’s bold and colourful so for me brings together both serious passion with a sense of fun.


What would world domination look like to you? 

We’d love to be able to play shows in every city in every country of the world. We’ve been lucky enough to travel to some incredible places but haven’t had a chance yet to go to South America yet so proper keen for that.


What are your favourite London spots?

All in East cause I’m lazy and they’re near me haha!

The Hunter S – quality pub that also does a pretty decent roast + toilet decor is really fun .

Okko – they do my favourite Korean fried chicken in the entire world. Even better than what I had in Korea.

Dalston Roofpark for the good summer vibes 


If you were stranded on a desert island, which 3 crisps would you take with you? 

Tyrrells black truffle and sea salt  

Monster Munch pickled onion  

Wotsit giants 

  • sub question, you can choose one dip

Humous – I don’t know if that’s a cheat answer as it’s kind of it’s own thing but I love humous and regularly go through eating a tub of it in one sitting with a spoon. My fave at the moment is the Moorish smoked humous with chilli harissa.

  • sub sub question, you can choose one drink or alcoholic beverage 

I am very partial to an espresso martini


What fictional world would you live in for a week? 



Is your last day on earth, what are you up to? 

We had the best day off on tour the other week in Lake Tahoe. Just cruising round on a speedboat in the sunshine all day, blasting out heavy metal so I’d get back there and do that.



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