Salt and Pepper Diamond Engagement Ring

We have sourced a limited amount of excellent quality 0.5 carat salt and pepper diamonds that we can now offer in our Forever After and Pan’s Bride designs if you are looking for a beautiful unique, high-end engagement ring with a more affordable stone.

Salt and pepper diamonds are not technically perfect as they have natural inclusions that give it a peppered look whereas a white diamond with no flaws would be classed as having ‘perfect clarity’. Stones with perfect clarity are rarer to find, and therefore much more expensive.

The quality is so good with these stones they have minimal inclusions so they are pretty clear. If however, you would like a diamond which has more of a peppered/grey look or a larger carat stone please contact our Wedding Consultant Ren directly for a quote.

We would advise that you to make an appointment to meet with Ren who is based in our East London store so you can chose the perfect stone in person. However, if this is not possible you will be able to purchase this ring directly online from 15th January 2020, but please note you will be supplied with the best stone available and won’t be able to choose this beforehand.

Pan’s Bride / Forever After: £1,900

Forever After Deluxe: £2,200

Please note: the price listed online is for an 18ct white gold setting only. We are unable to make this ring in yellow gold as it won’t look great with a salt and pepper diamond and we cannot use silver and it is too soft a metal to set a diamond in securely. Platinum is available with price on request. Please email Ren for a quote.

All engagement rings must be shipped with fully comprehensive insurance. The cost of this will vary depending where you need the ring delivered.

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Forever After, Forever After Deluxe, Pan's Bride

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