Emily Malice is a London based tattoo artist, creative and founder of Scorpio Mars tattoo shop.

Scorpions are said to represent light and dark, rebirth and endings and are also symbols of protection. In terms of astrology, Scorpios are mysterious, passionate and persistent.

Emily says: “As a Scorpio, I’m so happy to be releasing this in Scorpio season. Scorpions are a classic rock’n’roll motif, so I think it was long overdue as a ring in the TGF collection. I also noticed there weren’t any poison rings and you need a bit of a naughty ring.

“Everyone needs a little sting in their tail, or in this case, on their hand.  A scorpion represents something that bites back and has that punk attitude.”

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Handmade in London is no exaggeration, every piece of TGF jewelery is handmade to order by our team of jewelers. This product dispatches in approximately 4-6 weeks.

TGF x Emily Malice Scorpion Ring


TGF designer Reino worked closely with tattoo artist Emily Malice to create two striking new pieces – a Scorpion Ring and a Heart Safety Pin Pendant, both handcrafted in 925 Sterling Silver.

This Scorpion Ring takes inspiration from a poison ring, which dates back to the Middle Ages. Open the top of the ring and you’ll find a discreetly hidden compartment.

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