To keep these gremlins at bay and to stay safe riding, legend has it that all you need is a guardian bell hanging from your bike. The sound of the ringing bell piques the gremlin’s curiosity and lures them out of hiding to investigate further, but it’s not long before the constant jingling drives the gremlins crazy causing them to fall o  the bell, hit the ground and die.

It’s said that when a gremlin dies, a pothole appears – so instead of cursing those potholes, thank the biker before you who had the foresight to have a guardian bell.

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Dimensions 20 × 44 mm

tgf-guardian-bell-front.jpg tgf-guardian-bell-front.jpg

Skull Guardian Bell


This piece was designed in collaboration with Toshi of Bell 45, master craftsman and engineer, responsible for keeping the majority of older Harley’s on London’s roads in style. According to the old biker’s tale, if your engine has ever stalled or your bike has broken down you’ve encountered trouble-making gremlins on the road. Guardian bells are said to ward off the perils faced by motorcyclists but this piece cannot be bought for yourself, it must be gifted to you by someone.

The rest is down to the chopper Gods.

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