Available in a variety of types of gold and platinum and carefully set with a beautiful diamond, starting from 0.5ct.

Please note the Pan’s Bride engagement ring is sold by itself. The image with the Astral Light and Ad Infinitum wedding bands are for display only.

We are here every step of the way to help you find a beautiful diamond and help you to create the perfect engagement and wedding bands.

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Ring Size

Standard Size + Sizer, G, G ½, H, H ½, I, I ½, J, J ½, K, K ½, L, L ½, M, M ½, N, N ½, O, O ½, P


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Diamond Weight

1.01ct F SI1 [TGF2016], 1.08ct G SI1 [TGF9732]

Help Choosing Your Diamond

Carat: Carat denotes the weight of the diamond, not the size. However, knowing the carat weight of a stone can give you an indication of the size. Diamonds with a higher carat are not necessarily better than those with a lower carat, as qualities like clarity, colour and cut are of equal importance.

We stock 0.5ct and 1.0ct diamonds as standard.

Cut: The cut of a diamond refers to the angels, proportions, facets and finishing details of a diamond. The better the cut, the better it will capture the light. A diamond’s cut is graded on a scale of excellent to poor in a meticulous process where graders have to analyse each facet of the diamond and compare their findings to millions of other stones.

Clarity: The clarity of a diamond refers to how clean the diamond is and outlines the level of inclusions and blemishes both internally and externally. Flawless diamonds are incredibly rare and as such come at a premium price. Many diamonds have flaws and imperfections and are assessed and labelled as such using a scale from Flawless (FL) to Included (I1, I2 and I3). The clarity of a stone is graded by the human eye under 10x magnification.

At The Great Frog we typically stock stones with a clarity rating of VS1, VS2, SI1 and SI2. These ratings indicate that the stones are very slightly or slightly included.

Colour: The colour of a diamond refers to how colourless it is. This is graded on a sliding scale with the perfect diamond being labelled as completely colourless (D) all the way to lightly coloured (Z). A diamond’s colour is graded by the human eye using the same methods used to assign a diamond’s clarity.


Pan’s Bride Engagement Ring with a Natural White Diamond


Taking inspiration from the dark lore of nature to create this subtly arcane masterpiece… Drawing upon magic of the underworld, we bring you Pan’s Bride.

This piece can be sold with a mixed metal band and setting. Choose from either a 18ct White Gold band with a 18ct Yellow Gold setting, or from a 18ct Yellow Gold setting with an 18ct White Gold setting. Please add this to your order notes if you would like either of these options.

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