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The Great Frog Christmas Gift Guide

Get them a present that will last a lifetime this Christmas. We’ve put together the ultimate gift guide featuring our handcrafted jewellery.

We’ve got gifts for each type of TGF lover; from the first-timer to the steady collection builder, and the seasoned buyer to the ultimate collector, you’ll find the ideal present for your loved one or pal below.

The First-timer

New to Frog and looking for that starter piece to kick off their collection.


Alphabones Pendant

Alphabones Pendant

Wearable silver or gold ‘bone’ letters, an Alphabones Pendant is the perfect piece to honour yourself or your loved one. Choose a letter or two based on their name, your name or something special to you both. Best paired with the Thin Trace Chain.

Smallest Evil Ring

Smallest Evil Ring
The Small Evil is pictured on the right, on the pointer finger.

A classic TGF Skull Ring. Perfect to combine with other styles as part of a bigger collection, or to be worn on its own. This ring is a scaled-down version of our New Skool Skull Ring and is a firm favourite of the brand’s store members – it’s perfect for a pinky or a pointer.

Band of Skulls Ring

One of our smaller, slimmer rings that still packs a punch. The Band of Skulls is oozing with character thanks to all the different little skulls that make up the piece. If you like this style of ring, you can also try the Band of Roses Ring.

Coiled Snake Ring

Coiled Snake Ring
The Coiled Snake Ring and Eye Ring

One of our most versatile pieces, this serpent inspired piece elegantly spirals around a finger of choice and complements the surrounding pieces. While we usually recommended rings to be worn facing away from their wearer, this piece is unique in that it can be worn either way around.

Thin Knife Edge Chain

The Thin Knife Edge is our finest chain and is named after the shape of the narrow square links. These catch and reflect light beautifully, meaning the piece can be worn alone. However, we would recommend it’s best paired with one of our smaller pendants. Read our guide on pendants and chains here.

The Collection Builder

They have the odd piece but are gearing up to have a full fist or two of Frog, or to finally introduce some chunky, statement pieces.


Skull Shield Ring

Featuring black enamel and either a front or side facing skull, the Skull Shield Ring is a strong, bold and smart addition to any TGF lineup.

All Silver Skull and Crossbones Signet

X marks the spot, or in this case, adorns one of our most versatile rings. For a more subtle skull choice that still has a nod to anarchy.

All Silver Wreath Ring

A celebratory wreath, with a dark edge. If Death was a champion racing driver this would be his trophy. A chunky and bold piece – this style is often worn alone as a statement piece.

Lock Down Ring

The Lock Down Ring, Lock Down Bracelet (middle), and Lock Down Bangle (top).

This is a great ring to pair with others thanks to its simplicity, versatility and smooth, elegant finish. The chain design has an infinity-style effect and it looks great on virtually all hands. If they’re a fan of matching collections, make sure to also try the Lock Down Bangle or Lock Down Bracelet.

Harley Davidson Rings

Harley and TGF go hand in hand, thanks to a love of rock’n’roll, tattoos and of course motorbikes. We created two rings in collaboration with Harley Davidson, the Knucklehead Dreams and Milwaukee Oak Leaf rings. Perfect for the ultimate petrolhead.

Thick Knife Edge

Our Thick Knife Edge is ideal for those who want a refined, statement chain. It’s awesome worn on its own or paired with our medium to large-sized pendants. Check out the pendants guide here.

Engraved Alphabones Signet

Our first personalisable Signet Ring. Choose your Alphabone letter design and make your mark. We use our engraving machine to carefully engrave this with your chosen letter.

The Seasoned Buyer

They’ve got their favourite pieces, but haven’t explored some of our bigger jewellery items yet.




One of our most intricate designs. A handcrafted skeleton rests on an ornate cross and is joined to a skull-link rosary chain. As far as TGF pieces go, this one is up there with true collectables. Available with either a silver or gold skeleton.

Silver and Gold Wreath Ring

A suped-up version of the Silver Wreath Ring. This version is laced with gold, adding an extra dimension to the already striking ring.

Wes Lang Reaper Ring

Don’t fear the reaper, wear him instead. Our collaboration with Wes Lang is one of our absolute favourites and up there with our most powerful statement pieces. Each ring is individually numbered and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Large Skull Belt Buckle

A wearable work of art strapped to your waist and an excellent addition to any true skull lover’s wardrobe.

The Ultimate Collector

For the ultimate TGF lover who has already carved out their own curated collection, but needs a little stocking filler.



We offer five different pairs of cufflinks, guaranteed to smarten up your look while still giving you an edge.


TGF handcrafts several styles of studs, including Roses, Anatomical Skulls, Anatomical Hearts and Skull and Crossbones to name a few. An ideal present for someone who perhaps has a lot of hand jewellery already but would like a little something else. Ideal stocking fillers.

Flat Curb Chain

Our latest design, the Flat Curb Chain, is best worn on its own due to the unique one of a kind TGF clasp. Choose between 3 length chains. Check out our full chain guide here.

Ornate Belt Buckle

Belts don’t have to be dull. The Ornate Belt Buckle is available in your choice of gold or silver. A TGF embossed, high-quality Italian leather belt is included with every purchase.

Bolo Tie

For your friend or loved one who wants to look smart but hates formality. TGF owner and designer Reino Lehtonen-Riley wanted something a little more rock’n’roll for his wedding day but didn’t fancy a tie, and thus the Skull Bolo Tie was born. Also available for our vegan friends – add a note on your order that you’d like faux leather.

Gifts for under £150


Micro Michael Rodent Pendant

Honey, we shrunk the Micheal Rodent. Measuring at only 8mm in height, this tiny Michael Rodent Pendant comes with a 16” trace chain (1.2mm thickness).

Smallest Evil

Smallest Evil Ring
The Small Evil is pictured on the right, on the pointer finger.

The smallest and the evilest of our skull rings. Some say it’s cursed, caution advised. We’re obviously joking, but this style does have an evil glimmer in its eyes, especially when they’re personalised with rubies. A great first piece for someone just finding their Frog feet.

Praying Hands Pendant

No need to pray for the perfect present… Our Praying Hands Pendant makes for a pretty charm for them to wear around their neck.

Band of Roses

A blooming, wearable bouquet for their hand. Why gift flowers when you can gift a bouquet that’ll last forever? The Band of Roses is one of our smaller pieces. Perfect for a pinky and for wearing as a stackable ring.

Kloris Hand Sanitiser

An ideal stocking filler, our Kloris Hand Sanitiser and Moisturiser ensures their hands will look (and feel) as good as their ring collections do.

And if you really can’t choose…


Gift voucher

Give them the gift of choice. We offer Digital Gift Vouchers (available immediately and sent to your inbox), or Physical Gift Vouchers cards (posted, the card can be kept as a keepsake).

Please note that digital gift cards can only be used online, while physical gift cards can only be used in-store or over the phone. They can’t be used in conjunction with one another. Our team will be happy to help with any other questions.

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