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TGF Mums: Alexandra Tomlin

All this week we’ve been celebrating the mothers in TGF’s family and finding out their favourite jewellery pieces, films, books and podcasts. Finally, on Mother’s Day, we speak to Alexandra Tomlin.

Favourite TGF pieces and why?

My Mum Ring and my Garnet Heart and Dagger Ring are my two owned favourite pieces, otherwise I really love the Gold Smallest Evil Skull with Ruby or Diamond Eyes. An investment piece for sure!

Will any be used as heirlooms?

My Mum Ring will be for sure, the image on the website for it is of my daughter and me, and when Jess was practising engraving she engraved her [my daughter’s] name onto the ring. My daughter is my greatest achievement and I wear the ring on my ring finger – I’ve always liked the idea of Vena Amoris so she’s always close to my heart in some ways.

Recommendations for…

I read a lot of books, but I’ve mostly been listening to a lot of audiobooks recently, some that I’ve really enjoyed are ‘I Am Not Your Baby Mother’ by Candice Braithwaite, ‘Tribes’ by David Lammy and ‘Ramble Book’ by Adam Buxton. All-time faves include anything by Jon Ronson, Cormack McCarthy or Ian Rankin.

Podcasts are what I consume the most. I have a continuous rotation of Adam Buxton podcasts. I’ve found so many interesting people through his podcast and am very committed to anything he and most of his friendship group create. The Blindboy Podcast, I actually came across him from Adam Buxton. If you haven’t heard of him before I would start with the episode ‘Poo Anon’.
Also ‘My Favourite Murder‘ (SSDGM), and ‘Say Your Mind’ with Kelechi Okafor – she is constantly educating and making me confront myself and challenge myself. She never ceases to put a smile on my face and the episodes with her brother are hilarious. She also reads tarot on the podcast and is the ultimate babygirl!

Baz Luhrmann’s ‘Romeo + Juliet’ is my favourite film of ALL time but notable mentions to Interview With a Vampire, What We Do In The Shadows and JoJo Rabbit.

Grey’s Anatomy and The Thick of It. I probably quote Malcolm Tucker and Glenn most days.

I essentially live in the early 2000s in my head, so all the early Offspring, Hefty Fine by Bloodhound Gang, Usher and Shy FX. Somewhat of a musical bingo but here we are. The most consistent listen of my life is everything Alice Cooper has ever released ever.

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