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TGF Christmas Gift Guide: Signet Rings

Signet rings dates back thousand of years in time, all the way to 3500 BC. These rings would often have family crests, and were used as stamps to authenticate important documents, and by the Middle ages, pretty much every influential person had a signet ring. At TGF we carry a range of mostly plain silver signets in a variety of sizes, which could either be worn as they are, as well as getting them engraved. However, the latter is a service we don’t offer, meaning this would have to be sourced elsewhere.

Plain & Small Plain Signet.

Our Plain Signet Ring is one of our most popular signet rings, and one popular among our male customers to wear on their pinky finger. Due to high demand, we also released our Small Plain Signet earlier this year to cater for slimmer hands and a big part of our female clientele.

Large Round Signet

Our Large Round Signet, to fit a larger hand. Our Large Round Signet is quite a lot chunkier than the two rings above, and due to it’s size works well as a statement piece on its own, more often than not worn on a slightly bigger finger.

Skull & Crossbones Signet

Would it even be TGF if there wasn’t a skull option…? Our Plain Signet comes with both a silver and gold skull and crossbones, so have your pick – personally we love to mix the metals.

Crossbones Signet

Another one where we mix the metals is our Crossbones Signet, where we’ve soldered a 9ct yellow gold crossbones onto a chunky, square signet ring. If plain’s your game, we’ve also got that here.

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