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Sizing Restrictions

We have size restrictions in place for all of our designs, for the largest and smallest sizes they can be made in, each ring on our website will only display these sizes. If you don’t see the size you need on the drop-down list of an item, this means we are unable to make this particular design in that size. 

Every ring first comes in one or two ‘standard’ sizes, which means when sizing a ring, a piece of silver or gold will have to be added or removed from this ‘standard’ size piece, to make the ring in the required size.

Due to this, when sizing a smaller design, adding a piece of silver too large weakens the shank and has the chance of becoming terribly thin. Which will make the piece prone to bending and breaking. 

For larger designs, sizing these too small warps the design and the metal can’t be physically pushed passed our size restrictions. 

We hope you are able to find an alternative design on our website in the size you require, or you are able to wear the design you would like on a different finger.

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