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Introducing Playboy x TGF

Introducing the Playboy x TGF collection, inspired by the freedom of the hazy ‘60s and ‘70s.

The cultural shift from the ‘50s to the youth movement and protest culture of this time was the catalyst for this free-spirited attitude; a change so monumental that we still feel its impact to this day in everything from music to design.

This unisex and versatile collection draws upon design cues from this era; from Eames furniture to Jimi Hendrix and psychedelic counterculture biker exploitation films.

The Entwined Pendant, the Bunny & Crossbones Ring, the Ace of Diamonds Signet Ring.

The collection features two pendants, three rings, and a belt buckle. All the pieces are handmade in London using traditional methods of jewellery design and production.

Natural materials popular during the era accent the collection; a vintage-inspired ‘road worn’ belt buckle features 925 Sterling Silver and Turquoise, while the Souvenir Necklace features Turquoise, Black Mother of Pearl and Carnelian.

The Playboy x TGF Belt Buckle, the Entwined Pendant and the Ace of Diamonds Signet Ring.

All Playboy x TGF collection items are made from solid 925 sterling silver and 9ct solid gold (with the exception of the souvenir pendant which is made of brass and 925 sterling silver). The collection also includes a range of apparel including an M65 souvenir jacket, a denim jacket, two t-shirts, two hoodies and a sweatshirt.

The Playboy x TGF T-shirts in Black and White.


The M65 Military Jacket.


The Playboy x TGF Denim Jacket.

The Playboy brand and its iconic logo have been at the forefront of culture and change for decades. From the fight for civil rights to the championing of sexual freedoms, the revolutionary brand has always driven culture forward through its content, products and experiences.

“The genesis of the Playboy collaboration is interesting,” says Reino Lehtonen-Riley of TGF. “Playboy was so far ahead of its time at its founding in the 50s. It has always represented a counterculture and the anti-establishment. The brand was never afraid to push boundaries and challenge taboos of the time. It did so successfully by advocating for civil rights, sexual liberation and women’s rights.”

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