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Interview with… Stefani Nurding

Stefani Nurding is a skateboarder and owner of Salon Skateboards. She advocates for more diversity within the skateboarding world and works to improve the visibility of females in skateboarding.

How long have you been skating, what inspired you to start your skate store?
I have been skating for well over 10 years now, I got inspired to start my skate brand because I noticed a trend in the industry towards brands being happy to gift products for women to rep but few brands being willing to actually represent women on their channels and websites and when they did, I felt it was in a way which pandered to their male customers. I wanted to do something positive to change this so decided to start my own brand Salon Skateboards.

Have you had any ‘pinch me’ moments during your career?
I skated in the US Open a little while before I had Felix and it was so surreal to get to skate with all the skaters I’ve watched growing up and looking up to over the years.

Another really crazy thing is seeing people I don’t know skate my decks, I went to Southbank for a skate and there were 3 people I didn’t know skating my decks it’s so amazing to feel that support.

Has it been difficult to manage skating, the gram, the business, modelling and being a mum? what drives you to succeed?
It is difficult but I am enjoying it all, there are times when I really have to push myself and when it gets really hard but everyone gets good and bad days I think.
I am driven to succeed by my son I want to spend as much time with him as possible and give him a great life. Some people ask why I still skate saying that it is high risk and some act stories but I always reply by saying that I want to show my son that you should go for everything in your life 100 per cent and enjoy it.

Any tips for ladies to believe in themselves, like a little bit of pick me up advice maybe?
Yes, I do, as harsh as it sounds no one is coming to rescue you and no one will do it for you, whatever it is you are struggling with at the moment you need to be your own biggest supporter if you don’t believe in what you are doing who else will. Even if you have to fake that confidence until it actually comes I would say just start to at least try to believe you can do it because you can.

Any fun plans for 2021?
I really hope to do some pop-up shops for Salon and also a fun community skate event. I have a book to finish and Salon has been getting a lot of wholesale interest and so for the first time in my life literally I actually have planned to be boring. I will still skate as much as that will allow though and hope to film some street clips this year.

What’s your favourite TGF Piece?
I love the Solid 18ct Gold Micro Anatomical Skull Pendant and Chain, it’s so pretty but also cool at the same time.

Favourite Record?
My favourite record that you guys won’t be mortally offended by because I do really love a bit of cheesy pop is Black Sabbath End Of The Beginning. It’s a good one to cruise about to.

Favourite Book?
I’ve been into a bit of Stephen King again lately (teenage obsession), I can’t answer this question because I started to think and it literally fried my mind trying to choose one for the last 20 mins.
I also love self-help books about mindset and money.

Favourite Podcast?
I just do audiobooks, to be honest, I’m obsessed with Audible.

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