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10 Ganton Street

The Great Frog building and the area has an amazing history. Dating from the 1680s and built from old ship timbers, our flagship store has previously been residential property and potentially even a bakers before it became The Great Frog as we know it today.

Not far from our store is the Jon Snow pub, named after the physician who traced the cause of deadly Cholera to contaminated water supplies in 1849, and prior to this discovery in 1665 was The Great Plague; the last plague in England that killed over 100,000 Londoners. With limited space in an already overcrowded city, plague pits were created to house the dead bodies across East London and Soho, including one very near The Great Frog store on Marshall Street.

Soho and Ganton Street were big residential areas before becoming a retail destination with the last registered resident at 10 Ganton Street in 1939 being Mr George Puttergill, a painter and paper hanger with his presumed wife Leticia Glover. The area was known for mainly housing local tailors, bootmakers and blacksmiths. You may notice the building is slightly wonky from outside and unsurprisingly has quite creaky floorboards!

Moving forward a few decades to 1950, the first rock club in Europe called The 2i’s opened on Old Compton Street where rock ‘n’ roll bands would play to audiences of no more than 25 – it’s at this tiny venue that Tommy Steele was discovered. In 1958, the legendary Marquee Club in Soho opened and a few years later took a punt on hosting The Rolling Stones debut gig in 1962, with Led Zepplin, David Bowie and AC/DC all playing here. There’s also the iconic (and still surviving) Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club on Old Compton Street which hosted Jimi Hendrix’s last ever performance.

New York

72 Orchard Street,
New York, 10002

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72 Orchard Street

A short walk away from our New York store was the legendary punk club CBGB. Hosting bands such as The Ramones, Patti Smith Talking Heads and The Damned who played in 1977 – the first British punk band to ever play in America. Sadly closing its doors in 2006, you can still see the original graffiti in the toilets and original playbills from CGBG’s 10 year anniversary in 1983 that have been rescued and preserved in new menswear store John Varvotos in the same spot on 315 Bowery.

Orchard Street gets its name from a literal orchard owned by James De Lancey, a wealthy landowner and Loyalist during the Revolutionary War. In the 1940s the former orchard was divided into lots to form housing – the tenement –  that served the thousands of German, Irish and Jewish communities who had arrived in the USA. If you would like to learn more about the history of Orchard Street, pop over to The Tenement Museum while you’re visiting us.

Los Angeles

7955 Melrose Avenue,
LA, California, 90046

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7955 Melrose Avenue

Not far from our store on Melrose Avenue are some of the most rock ‘n’ roll hotels and clubs in the world. Only the Château Marmont on Sunset Boulevard can claim to have had Led Zeppelin ride into their lobby on Harley Davidsons, just down the road from where Metallica’s Cliff Burton was discovered and recruited after playing in the iconic Whiskey a Go Go.

Also on Sunset is the Sunset Marquis, temporary home to The Clash, The Ramones and Iron Maiden.   The Great Frog Los Angeles is on Melrose Avenue in the Fairfax district. While you’re visiting the store it’s worth popping over to our friends at Powerplant Motorcycles on 7417 Melrose.

New Orleans

710 St. Louis,
New Orleans,
LA 70130

Tel: (504) 592 7778 


Monday - Sunday: 10.30am - 6.30pm