The Safety Pin Pendant features a silver heart and is inscribed with ‘Malice LDN’ and TGF’s logo. It comes with a 55cm Sterling Silver Ball Chain.

Emily says: “The Heart Safety Pin Pendant is a true punk emblem – I love safety pins, they hold all my outfits together.

They’re simple and a great accessory to wear with anything. I’ve also got a safety pin tattooed on my face, so this design is also really personal to me.”


Made from 925 British hallmarked Sterling Silver.


Handmade in London is no exaggeration, every piece of TGF jewellery is handmade to order by our team of jewellers. This product dispatches in 6-8 weeks.

TGF x Emily Malice Heart Safety Pin Pendant & Chain


Emily Malice is a London based tattoo artist, creative and founder of Scorpio Mars tattoo shop. TGF designer Reino worked closely with Emily to create two striking new pieces – a Heart Safety Pin Pendant and a Scorpion Ring.

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