Motörhead ‘Warpig’ Pendant


Our latest homage to the band’s legendary fanged metal beast, a hybrid of different animal skulls – a gorilla, a dog, and a wolf with protruding boar’s teeth.

Handmade in our London workshop in 925 Sterling Silver and best paired with the Thick Knife Edge Chain (pictured).

This piece is adapted from the Motörhead ‘Warpig’ Ring released in 2012, which was designed with close scrutiny from Lemmy himself.

The Great Frog’s relationship with Motörhead stems as far back as the 80s when we first made the Old Motörhead Warpig designs for Lemmy.

Pair this piece with the Warpig Ring, mix and match with the older Motörhead styles, or wear it with the Ace of Spades Ring.

This piece is currently only available online.

Dispatch time approximately 8 weeksHandmade in London’ is no exaggeration, every piece of TGF jewellery is handmade to order by our talented team of jewellers.


Additional information

Weight 31.7 g
Dimensions 31 × 41 mm