This 100% cotton long sleeve is made with a tight weave resulting in a dense, yet soft fabric.  Shape, size and materials developed by yours truly. They fit like your favourite band t-shirt. They wash brilliantly and are made to last.

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Small, Medium, Large, X-Large


Made from 100% cotton.

Size Guide

From The Ashes Long Sleeve Size Guide
S: 53cm wide, 71cm long / approx 21” wide, 28” long
M: 55cm wide, 73cm long / 21.6” wide, approx 29” long
L: 57cm wide, 75cm long / 22.4” wide, 29.5” long
XL: 59cm wide, 77cm long / approx 23” wide, approx 30” long

TGF Phoenix Long Sleeve FRONT TGF Phoenix Long Sleeve FRONT

From The Ashes Long Sleeve


The Great Frog logo has had many different guises over the years, reflecting the varying eras of its existence. TGF has stood fast over the past five decades just like the phoenix rising from the ashes. We shall endure and evolve.

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