Milroy’s x TGF Single Malt Scotch Whisky


London’s Original Rock’n’Roll Jeweller and London’s Original Whisky Specialist, respectively, have collaborated to create The Great Frog X Milroy’s Single Malt Scotch Whisky (59.3% abv), a 2009 Ardmore single cask, aged in ex-Bourbon casks. On the nose it has notes of rustic charcuterie and baked hay with a hint of pineapple, with charcoal embers, ash and pear drops on the palate. The finish is long and smoky with lingering notes of peat.

Just 224 bottles will be available to purchase globally, with pre-orders available from 1st-8th November through and A very limited number of bottles will be reserved to be sold in-store and served on the bars at Milroys of Soho and Milroys of Spitalfields, as well as being available to pre order from TGF online and a case will be available from The Great Frog’s stores in New York, LA and Tokyo once pre orders have been fulfilled. Each bottle comes with a glass etched collaborative Glencairn whisky glass. 

This unique collector’s-edition whisky will launch an exciting collaboration celebrating the legacy of two of Soho’s most quintessential brands. 

Simo, Executive Director of Milroy’s: I’m a big fan of The Great Frog, they’ve been providing my rings for the best part of a decade now and we wanted to celebrate the harmony between London’s Original Whisky Specialist and London’s Original Rock n Roll Jeweller. We spent a long time in Scotland sampling casks to find something that honours the true craft of Soho.

Reino Lehtonen-Riley, Creative Director of The Great Frog: Simo has been a friend of The Great Frog for years and we at The Great Frog have been a friend of whisky even longer! So it makes perfect sense to team up and collaborate on the good stuff; we wanted something robust and in your face, and after a lot of sampling we put our respective names to this punchy single malt. We hope it is the taste equivalent of our spiritual homes in Soho – brash/refined and seedy/high class – a homage to London’s dark heart. Please enjoy irresponsibly.


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