TGF x Iron Maiden: Playlist

We’ve had a long history with Iron Maiden at The Great Frog, from back in the day when Bruce Dickinson first ordered his brass ‘Eddie’ belt buckle, before ordering the same one in silver later on once the band was making more money and he could justify the expense, up to now where we’ve just launched our fourth and very last Eddie, just in time for Iron Maiden’s two hometown headline shows at The 02 this upcoming 10th and 11th of August.

Featured above is Bruce Dickinson wearing his infamous Eddie TGF belt buckle, performing ‘Rime of the ancient Mariner’ off their album ‘Powerslave’. ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’ was originally written as a poem in 1797-1798 by British poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, before decades later Iron Maiden decided to put a melody to it, making it over 13 minutes of pure heavy metal joy, as well as giving you a dose of poetry and history. While introducing the song, he also gives us a few lessons about the monarchy’s former drug use, in the form of Queen Victoria ‘smoking a few joints in the toiler’ to calm down and get rid of her period pains.

To set the vibe for our newly released ‘Book of Soul’, as well as getting in the mood for Iron Maiden’s two hometown shows this weekend, we’ve put together a playlist with some of our favourite tracks throughout the bands career.

Words by Ella Stormark.