TGF Music & Assembly: The Groundhogs

With The Great Frog and Dice Magazine putting on the second ever Assembly London chopper show at House of Vans London, we were given the exciting opportunity to book bands for both the pre – and after party, and as we all know – with great power comes great responsibility, leaving us all excited for the task ahead of us. Discussing, listening, thinking and contemplating, we decided that we would aim for “timeless” – if we could find a band that has stood the test of time, entertained and catered for generations, then that, that would be pretty sweet. If they also manage to overwhelm us with their live performances, well then that’s an added bonus.

Ken Pustelnik’s Groundhogs, Hastings UK, Aug 2017 – by JT Rhoades.

While The Groundhogs’ lineup have changed over the past five decades and original frontman Tony McPhee having thrown in the towel, behind the drum kit you can still find drummer Ken Pustelnik from the bands heyday, having been in the band when they released albums such as 1970’s ‘Thank Christ for the Bomb’ and iconic ‘Split’ from 1971. As for some of us, we can’t speak on behalf of those who were lucky enough to see the band back in the day, but we can guarantee that the 2018 version will still knock yer boots off ya, with their blues based rock ‘n’ roll.

The Groundhogs with Ken Pustelnik behind the kit, Ponoco Festival, 1972.

Entry for the Assembly After Party is free, would you believe it, and the incredible Groundhogs will be taking the stage at 10.15pm. However, we do recommend getting down nice and early so you don’t miss out on London’s Derelics who’ll be kicking it all off at 9pm – psychedelic rock fuelled by the likes of Hendrix and Cream, can’t go wrong there.

Words by Ella Stormark