Staff picks: Stacey Hare – General Manager

This playlist is a tribute to my childhood and acts like a tranquilizer after to getting my ears blasted off by heavy metal at home and at work.”

When I first started working at The Great Frog in 2011, Paterson Riley (the Founder of The Great Frog) used to have his very impressive record collection by his bench in our workshop. I spent a lot of my early 20’s with him after hours listening to his records and speaking to him about music. About 4 years ago we renovated the workshop to allow for more jewellery benches, alas, the records had to be relocated. In mourning, he spent an entire day writing down every record he had down there in alphabetical order for me in a little red notepad. Most of the tracks on this playlist come from that book and from cassettes my parents had given to me as a child.