New Music: LYZA – ‘Easy ft. Bisk’

At The Great Frog, we highly encourage any sort of creative outlet whether it’s jewellery, music, painting or whatever else might float your boat. Here’s our very own Lyza Jane who’s just released her latest single ‘Easy’ from her upcoming EP ‘Nobody but you’. With the majority of her childhood spent touring and on the road, music was always a big part of Lyza’s life she fell into songwriting and music production at an early age.

Can you tell us a bit about your background in music, and what kickstarted the interest in the first place?
Lyza: Luckily I had a really musical upbringing. My stepdad was an incredible musician and both my parents had impeccable taste in tunes. Getting to spend a lot of time on tour as a kid, I knew I just wanted to hang out in studios and be around music. It took me a while figure out what it was I wanted to create. My main influence is probably Tricky, his songwriting, production and outlook on music is what I think I reflect most on. His album ‘Maxinquaye’ is what got me into producing, but I mainly listen to reggae, West coast Hop-Hip and what my friends are making to be honest, so I draw influence from everywhere. In my last single I used a Black Sabbath, sample so theres really no music I dont learn from.

When did you start making your own music?
Lyza: I was a backing siger in the band ‘Alabama 3’ from the age of 17 but wasn’t until I was about 19 that i started learning to use software. I just came to the conclusion that you can’t expect people to hear what you do in your own head.. you just have to make it yourself!

How do you work with other rappers and producers? Do you tend to keep most of the creative control yourself?
Lyza: I like to think i keep total control over everything, haha. I’m unsigned and make most of my own music, but since working with other musicians and producers like Formz and being introduced to the Blah records family I’ve learnt that the best stuff comes from good vibes and late nights. I’ve been lucky enough to get some really talented rappers on this next project so can’t wait to share it. I still like to make beats on my own though and i often record alone if its for my own stuff.

Can you tell a bit about your latest single and upcoming EP?
Lyza: It’s actually something i made a little while ago when i first moved into my place in Acton. It’s such a great creative space and i’d just started working with a pianist called Jack. I made a few beats with Formz and we just thought the vibe was really cool and different. The beautiful sax is played by Taurean who plays with Rudimental, he’s on a lot of the upcoming EP ‘Nobody But You’ which I’m psyched about as there’s few things I like more than saxophone. The EP’s out November 30th and will also be available on vinyl.

Find the latest single ‘Easy’ ft. Bisk on iTunes here.

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