Getting ready for Camden Rocks

It may only be Tuesday, but we’re already getting ready for the weekend and Camden Rocks festival this upcoming Saturday 3rd of June. The festival stretches out over most of Camden, and will take over venues such as KOKO, The Black Heart, Electric Ballroom, Dingwalls, The Dev, The Monarch and more. Now, it ain’t easy wrapping your head around the concept of 250 bands playing in a day, as you’re likely to miss out on some good ones. To lighten your burden just a little bit, we’ve put together a few of the bands we’re determined to catch while we’re at it. You might find this helpful, or not helpful at all as we might just add a few more bands to your ‘go-see’ list, either way, it’ll be one hell of a day.

Orange Goblin

Orange Goblin by Ester Segarra

There’s no secret that we’re all about heavy riffs at The Great Frog, so there’s no way we’re missing out on stoner legends Orange Goblin when they take the stage at Electric Ballroom at 7.30pm. It’ll be loud and rowdy, and an absolute must of the day.


HCBP by Gary Thursday Gent

Filthy and fuzzy heavy blues rock with Nottingham two piece HCBP, half of HECK rising quickly for stardom. We had these guys play our Halloween party last year and they killed it. They’ll be headlining The Black Heart at 10.15pm, don’t miss out.

The Damned
‘Legend’ isn’t a word we use lightly, but it seems fitting when talking about a band like The Damned. Four decades in the industry and the guys are still going strong. Catch them at Electric Ballroom at 9pm.

Carl Barât and The Jackals
From the ashes of The Libertines, rises Carl Barât and The Jackals. Classic London rock ‘n’ roll, reckon it’ll be a good one. 5.15pm at KOKO.

Your truly last saw Turbowolf in 2012, and the crowd got so wild bodies were flying everywhere. Five years older but not a lot wiser, so time to yet again throw that body into the pit, see what happens. They’re playing Underworld at 6pm.

The Urban Voodoo Machine
The Urban Voodoo Machine plays Bourbon Soaked Gypsy Blues Bop’N’Stroll, what’s not to love about that? They’re playing Electric Ballroom at 1.45pm

Pulled Apart by Horses
There’s been a bit of a fuzz around Pulled Apart by Horses the last couple of years, and we’re quite keen to see what the fuzz is all about. Guess we’ll find out at 6.30 at Electric Ballroom.

Yet another two piece with Croydon band Frauds. They first had us at their single ‘Fuck Fuck Goose’ a few years back, so we’re excited to hear what they’ve come up with since then. Get there early to check them out at Dublin Castle at 1pm.