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We at The Great Frog owe a lot to music.

Since opening our doors in the early 1970’s, we have been supported by musicians who have gone on to be some of the biggest acts in the world such as Lemmy from Motorhead, Biff from Saxon, Bruce Dickinson from Iron Maiden and Neil Peart from Rush (who even worked for us for a short time.) When these bands first started out it was a struggle touring, financing gigs, getting equipment and spending enough time from their jobs to rehearse. As a small family business we understand that struggle as we too started with very little money. It was hard just to keep the bailiffs from the door.

As with many bands of that era we have found an element of success, but it’s not taken for granted and it hasn’t been an easy ride. Now that we are in a more privileged position we would like to give what we can back to the music industry that has supported us through the years. As well as sponsoring music festivals and events, we hope to be able to help aspiring artists, musicians and bands by offering sponsorship and promotion via this music site, various social media channels and by playing it in our stores.

Photos by Emily Power – from various nights at The Jonesing Jams, a live music concept in London we’ve been promoting.

To be featured, send over some music to [email protected], with a little information about yourself or band, some content and your contact details.