Band of the Month: Derelics

Band of the month for September is London based three piece Derelics, our local trippy hippie stoner psychedelic funk band.

Since the birth of Derelics at the age of time, the band’s sound has changed drastically from a heavy stoner and almost sped up doom kinda vibe to heavy psychedelic funk, which might have something to do with the fact that the band’s gone through as much as six bassists. While frontman Reno Lee Roth and drummer Rich Noakes has been constant since day one, they’ve changed bassists on a regular basis – maybe the funk got the best of them. The latest addition to the Derelics family is Josh ‘Jacket-attack’ Burgua, formerly of London doom band Sonic Mass. Before him, bassists such as Chubby Thunderous Bad Kush Masters‘ Will Hart and RIDDLES‘ Thom Carter had a go in the band before venturing off onto new adventures.

Derelics, July 2017: From left to right; Frontman and guitarist Reno Lee Roth, bassist Josh ‘Jacket-Attack’ Burgua and drummer Rich Noakes.

The band’s been working on the release of their next EP ‘Guilty of Being Young’ for quite some time, and have finally announced that the launch will take place outside in the Hackney Wick woods on the 30th of September. Fueled by generators to keep them going, they will be joined by Fear of Fluffing and long time gigging buddies GNOB.

‘To Brunhilde’ off debut EP ‘Introducing Derelics’

‘The Wicked Witch is Dead’ off the upcoming ‘Guilty of Being Young’ EP.

You hear clear changes from the first EP to the second one, and with ‘Guilty of Being Young’ being recorded in 2015 with Thom Carter on bass, the band’s sound’s changed yet again over the last couple of months with Josh ‘Jacket-Attack’ joining the band, and it seems like Derelics may have finally found the one.

The exact location of the launch will be revealed on the day, but as it’s outside we’ll suggest packing your sunglasses, wellies, umbrella, shorts and beanie (cause you never know what the London weather will throw at you) and get ready for a night you’ll never remember.