Women’s History Month: Interview with Sammi Jefcoate

We met Sammi a few years ago, she’s been a customer for a while and after years of pleasantries we quickly became good friends with her and her husband.  If you follow Sammi, you’ll know the type of person she is; kind, honest and straight up. She only posts about things she genuinely loves.  She’s not a sell out. She stays true to herself, and in ‘real life’ she is just as is online, which is rare these days.

When we collaborated together it wasn’t exactly planned. During one sunny Saturday afternoon together Sammi spoke of her frustration of not being able to find a good rose signet design .. and that very quickly and naturally lead to a lightbulb moment. So from then, we worked quickly to get a headscarf design and ring produced in time to fit in with both our schedules to launch in October 2019. It’s quickly become one of most popular designs and we have no doubt with its timeless design it’ll become a TGF classic for years to come. Watch the ‘making of’ behind the scenes video with Reino and Sammi here.

We know Sammi has a passion for music and has a long list of female musicians/bands she loves listed below. Check out her Spotify playlist here. It’s killer.

Favourite female musician or band?
Hole, PJ Harvey, Dolly Parton, The Distillers, Spinnerette, My Ruin, Jack off Jill, Blondie, Patti Smith, Bikini Kill…to name a few.  I have a dedicated Spotify playlist of favourite females I listen to non-stop.

What females have inspired and supported you the most in life?
My best friend, Jess, whom I met age 13. We had/have mutual music interests, AKA a serious Marilyn Manson obsession, and met through a mutual friend on MSN Messenger – yeah, remember those days? It was love at first type. [She] has been a support throughout my life since the moment we met, and I couldn’t feel more lucky to have met her.
Over the years I have been fortunate to have other females in my life that have ended up in close friendships… if you get those friendships – they’re incredibly special. 

What would you say to your younger self?
Keep doing what you’re doing: it’s all gonna work out (and stay weird).

Social media often has negative connotations, but how do you think it can positively benefit people’s lives?
Naturally, the negative connotations social media has are valid – as with anything in life, there’s the good, there’s the bad… and it truly can get ugly. However, I feel you need to be sure (and careful) of what you choose to look at, engage with, and follow – does it leave you with a sense of feeling good, or inspired, excited, interested, motivated? Question this when you’re next logged in.

Besides the awesome Sammi x TGF collaboration, what’s your favourite piece of TGF jewellery?
Has to be the Plain Dagger Pendant – I wear it so much, always on a long chain. It’s such a go-to piece for me – that I may or may not need to order it in gold…

What helps you to feel empowered?
A killer outfit, a favourite song, and staying authentic.