TGF Wedding: How to Care for your Diamonds

A clean diamond not only reflects light better but also actually looks bigger than one that has been ‘dulled’ by skin oils, soap and cosmetics. These are three simple ways to wash away the ‘film’ that accumulate on diamonds.

  • The detergent Bath. Prepare small bowl of any mild detergent. Brush pieces gently with a toothbrush while they are in the bath. Rinse under warm water. Pat dry with a soft lint less cloth.
  • The Cold Water Soak. Make a half and half solution of cold water and household ammonia in a cup. Soak pieces for 30 minutes. Lift out and brush gently with a small brush. Swish in the solution once more and drain on paper. No rinse is needed.
  • The Quick-Dip Method. Buy one of the brand name liquid jewellery cleaners, with it’s kit, and follow the instruction.
  • Alternatively, take your diamond pieces to your jeweller who will give them a professional deep clean and polish if necessary.

The Great Frog offers a free annual check up and deep clean for your diamond jewellery