TGF Staff Introductions: Will

Name: Will Shearer

Title: General Manager

Time at TGF: 6 years

I started working at The Great Frog 6 years ago as a jeweller in the basement of the Ganton Street store in the heart of busy Soho. I had been working as a jeweller for some time, for other companies and for myself making bespoke wedding and engagement jewellery. But I needed a break from the stresses of self employment and working in bars to make ends meet. So I went looking for a bench jewellers job that would allow me to keep creating but would offer me a steady paycheque. I didn’t plan on staying too long…but I’m still here now so I guess that is a pretty big testament for what working at The Great Frog is like. 

After 18 months of working in the Ganton Street workshop I moved to East London workshop for a couple of years and then moved back to Ganton Street having been asked to manage the workshop. Shortly after that we closed the Ganton Street store for refurbishment and moved to our temporary home on Newburgh Street where I continued managing the workshop. I then moved to our East London store to oversee the construction of our new workshop.

Making jewellery has for as long as I care to remember been what I wanted to do. However it’s not as glamorous as you might think. It fucks with your hands, your back aches and it strains your eyes. I decided that it was time for a change and after some consideration I decided that making jewellery wasn’t the direction I wanted to continue pursuing. Fortunately this didn’t mean I had to leave The Great Frog. I started working as the General Manager in April 2019 and it’s offered me new challenges, tested me and given me opportunities to find and organise exciting new projects, and I think that’s why I enjoy working here. I outgrew being a jeweller but that didn’t mean I had to outgrow being a member of the Great Frog team.

When I’m not at work I like riding my motorcycles and rating weird and wonderful snacks from around the world. I also have the worlds most needy dog, so that takes up a lot of my time.

I first came across The Great Frog while I was still working as a jeweller. In alI honesty I didn’t know The Great Frog by name until I applied for a job, however when I was looking into the company I knew a lot of the work and pieces, but hadn’t put a name to who made them. I had decided to stop being a self employed and was looking for a full time bench jeweller position. I dropped off my CV and called Jess (then the Ganton Street shop manager) everyday until I got an interview. Thanks, Jess!

First TGF piece: Thin Skulls Bangle

Favourite TGF pieces: Lockdown Bracelet, Large Feather Setting w/ Onyx, Vertebrae Bangle, TGF KeepCup, Monogram leather wallet and the Vintage UFO T-shirt.

What’s your favourite part about working for the company?
My colleagues at The Great Frog are the main reason why I like working here. We rely on each other to get the job done and for the most part we have a good time doing it. The Great Frog has played a huge part in where I am now in my life. Without The Great Frog I wouldn’t have met so many amazing people, I wouldn’t have had so many great opportunities and experiences and most importantly I wouldn’t have met my wife. 

Bottom line is, we have fun and get the job done and you can’t ask for much more than that from a job.