TGF Real Prosthetic Eyes: How They’re Made

Originating from our London Ganton Street store in the early 1970s, our signature eye jewellery is still made from real prosthetic eyes.

It isn’t a simple process. First, a base colour is painted. This base is then layered with a painted pattern over the top to give a realistic effect, before delicate strands of silk are inlayed into the resin around the iris to imitate the veins of an eyeball. We then cut the eye to fit inside the setting, made from British hallmarked .925 sterling silver.

Each eye is hand painted and genuinely unique. Please email to see the selection of colours we currently hold in stock, ranging from natural hazel, green and blue eyes to vibrant lilacs, yellows and picks.  We recently had a request from Frank Sidoris (guitarist for Slash) for us to create an eye ring based on David Bowie’s dilated pupil (see below) which we can make on request. Email [email protected] for any specific requests.