TGF Mums: Samantha Fuchs

This week, we’re sharing interviews with the wonderful mothers of the TGF family in celebration of Mother’s Day. Next up, we chat with Samantha Fuchs.

Favourite TGF pieces and why? 

I have a few favourite pieces, one being the Bird Skull Pendant. I find bird skulls fascinating but my mother has been currently “borrowing” mine for the past year so I may have to buy another. Love the Solid 18ct Gold Micro Anatomical Skull Pendant and Chain, it’s so detailed for something so small.

Will any be used as heirlooms? 

Definitely, if they ask nicely.

Recommendations for…

Any fantasy/sci-fi books and I’m currently about to read the last instalment of the Southern Reach series by Jeff VanderMeer, Acceptance. “Creepy and fascinating” as Stephen King called it and would totally agree.

Anything on mythology and ancient history. However, my go-to podcast is “My Dad Wrote A Porno”. Can’t recommend it enough especially if you want that uncontrollable about to pee your pants laughter.

I’m big on cult horror and slasher film but also love Studio Ghibli.

Currently watching New Amsterdam (love a medical drama, watched Grey’s Anatomy for years). Also love anime shows like One Punch Man, Tokyo Ghoul & Attack on Titan.

I’m really easy with music and will listen to pretty much anything and everything but have been currently listening to a lot of 70s and 80s music.