TGF Mums: Jenny Tutty

This week, we’re celebrating ahead of Mother’s Day by quizzing the wonderful mothers of the TGF family. Next up, Jenny Tutty.

Favourite The Great Frog pieces and why?

My favourite piece is the Silver Signet with Gold Skull. I love the design because it’s simple and delicate but I also like the contrast of the gold on silver.

Will any be used as heirlooms?

Yes totally! I’d like to think that my child will think I’m cool enough to want to wear what belonged to me, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Recommendations for…

One Hundred Years of Solitude
by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. It can take some getting into but once you do it’s such a captivating read.

Dear Joan and Jericha (Vicki Pepperdine and Julia Davis). They are two agony aunts who give the most appalling, judgemental and misogynistic advice in graphic and un-PC terms. They’re awful and completely absurd but it’s hilarious.

A Street Car Named Desire
. It’s an oldie but a goodie!

I’ve just finished Succession and loved every second of it. None of the characters are likeable but they’re all entertaining; backstabbing each other for a place at the top of the table. Although it’s based on comedy, it is easy to forget. Thoroughly gripping.

Self Esteem!!! I love her and could listen on repeat all day, every day. And sometimes do!