TGF Christmas Gift Guide: Skull Rings

You all probably know by now that skulls are a major part of what we do, and our Ganton Street store was even built upon a plague pit! It’s part of our history and identity, and let’s be honest, something we’re pretty damn good at. We carry a wide selection of skull rings, some dating back to way back when, and some newer pieces carved by owner and designer Reino after he took over the shop just over a decade ago. Picking a favourite is hard, so here’s a few:

Anatomical Skull Ring

Our Medium and Large Anatomical Skull Rings are some of our newer pieces, carved by Reino and modelled off one of our in-house Soho store skulls. The details on our anatomical skulls are just something else, and they are some of our most popular skulls.

Jawless Anatomical Skull

We tend to say ‘Go big or go home’, but as it’s not for everyone, we’ve also got a jawless version of our anatomical skull, which also comes in a medium and large.

Sixx Skull

Our Sixx Skull is not for the faint-hearted, and is our biggest jawless skull ring to date. Proudly worn by Mötley Crüe bassist and long time TGF customer Nikki Sixx we renamed this older piece in his honour.

Pray for me Skull

Taking inspiration from Day of the Dead and the classic Mexican Calaveras is our Pray For me Skull, which among other things, features a set of praying hands embossed onto its forehead.

Jawless Plague Skull

Paying homage to London’s history and our plague-ridden neighbourhood is our Plague rings, which comes both with and without a jaw.

Large Evil Skull

Our Evil skulls come in three different sizes; small, medium and large. Their timeless designs and comfy, flat fits have made them a favourite among TGF customers for decades, and they are the perfect rings when looking for your first TGF piece. We also do an Evil 13 Skull.

Evil Bastard

Our Evil Bastard ring is based upon our Large Evil skull, and features a star eye patch, paying homage to burials at sea.