TFG Mums: Felicity Griffiths

This week, we’re sharing interviews with the wonderful mothers of the TGF family ahead of Mother’s Day. Next up, meet Felicity Griffiths.

Favourite great frog pieces and why?

My favourite TGF piece is the Cat Ring. Because I’m a cat lady, I have three and I’m absolutely obsessed with them!

Will any be used as heirlooms?

Bradley has a Dad Ring which he got for his 30th on the day we found out the gender, I’m hinting at a push present of the Mum Ring (here is the hint Brad!) which would definitely be a cute heirloom for our daughter! Brad has a few rings now from working at the store, they’re all potential heirlooms as they all mean something different to him, and they represent a moment in time.

Recommendations for…

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – an amazing book of positive natural childbirth stories which was gifted to me recently and I’m slowly working my way through (thanks Danielle I love it!).

Jessica Lanyadoo ‘Ghost of a Podcast’ is an amazing weekly astrology podcast full of just solid life advice too.

Anything 90s/00s. I just watched ‘Fear’ with a baby Reece Witherspoon which was great.

Ozark. We just started it recently and it’s gripping!

SZA ‘Good Days’ on repeat.