Symbolism in our Jewellery: Spiders

Fear of spiders, or arachnophobia, is common among a lot of us, although not always logical. Research shows that the fear doesn’t necessarily stem from the fear of being bitten, but more their erratic movements and long legs. This irrational fear often starts in childhood, and when a group of psychologists were working with children to map our their fears asking them to tick off various items and events from a list some of the top picks were ‘not breathing’, ‘getting hit by a car’, ‘fires’ or ‘bombs’, however, when they were asked to add in their own fear, the majority of them picked spiders, with kidnapping coming second, predators third, and the dark as a number four. 

However, the spider has built up a bit of an unfair reputation, and if we look into spider symbolism this arachnid really ain’t as bad as it seems, unless you count the ones that’ll kill you, of course.

From their weaving of webs, spiders are are known for their patience, and is meant to encourage you to use your creativity to create beautiful and delicate things, while weaving your own destiny regardless of the stage you are at in your life – figure out your puzzles and gain a meaningful perspective! As with the spider’s web, things take time and patience is a virtue you need to realise your dreams. Spiders are hard working and can be both tender and tough depending on what the situation calls for. The spider represents mystery and growth, and the darker aspect of your personality.

To summarise some of the Spider qualities and and symbolism:

  1. You are a mix of strong and gentle, and you need to understand how to make the most of these two qualities in different aspects of your life.
  2. As a spider waiting for it’s prey, you should show the same kind of patience in your everyday life as you might get better results if you’re willing to hold up and wait for the right moment.
  3. Where the spider shows creativity weaving it’s web, you should be able to tap into your own creativity, just make sure you know how to use it to avoid making a mess.
  4. Only you are responsible for your web and if anything goes wrong you need to accept it’s your mistake.

In our collection we’ve got a Spider Pendant, plain silver Spider Ring as well as Spider ring with various gems.

More on Spider symbolism via Trusted Psychic Mediums.
Words by Ella Stormark.