Symbolism in our Jewellery: Snakes

Some people might feel slightly weary with a snake spirit animal appearing in their life or dreams, but fear not, the snake has a lot of positive traits to it, and might just be a sign for you to focus your awareness on your surroundings, move forward, and be self-aware.

The cold-blooded snake always keeps cool and collected, and often spends a lot of time preparing themselves for their next pray, waiting patiently. If the snake is shedding its skin, this could be a reflection of you going through a tough time of your life, where you want to perhaps ‘wear a different skin’ to cope, and shed your skin to head towards new opportunities. If you’re experiencing troubles in your life, the snake, as a poisonous animal, can also be a sign for you to get rid of the ‘venom’, such as anger and resentment in your system, as well as letting go of bad habits and unhealthy ways in your lifestyle.

Seeing a snake can also be a sign to look out for potential dangers and listen to warnings, as ignoring these can leave you in unwanted situations.

From left: Elfin Ouroboros bangle, Small Plain Signet, Coiled Snake, Large Feather Setting with Citrine, Beaded Eye Ring and 4mm Plain bands in Silver and Gold.

To summarise some of the Snake qualities and symbolism:

  1. Snakes are good at picking up what’s around it and staying alert, and these are both traits that can benefit you in life – keep an eye at what’s going on and where, and how things and people around you will have an impact of your life.
  2. As hard as it is, staying cool in difficult and demanding situations will only benefit you, and if you can achieve this you will be able to make better decisions and reach better outcomes.
  3. Snakes are closely combined with the concept of healing, as the ‘venoms’ we keep inside us often can cause illness, stress and problems that will hold us back. Let go of everything negative and release the venom, and you should be able to notice a difference within yourself.
More on Snake symbolism via Trusted Psychic Mediums.

In our collection you can find a ‘Coiled Snake‘, ‘Cobra‘ and ‘Naga Skull ring‘, ‘Snake Head‘ and ‘Snake Link Bracelet‘, ‘Snake Head Key Ring‘, ‘Skull & Snake Cufflinks’, ‘Snake Link Wallet Chain‘, and ‘Large Skull & Snake Pendant‘.

Words by Ella Stormark.