Symbolism in our Jewellery: Eagles

Our Eagle designs are some of our oldest and most loved pieces and you can in our collection find both regular and largeEagle Head rings“, Eagle Cuff, as well as our Soaring Eagle ring.

Eagles have since ancient times been used as a symbol for strength and leadership, and it’s no coincidence that eagles have often been used as a banner or logo for empires throughout history, all the way back to ancient Egypt and Native Indians to our current United States. The Eagle is often a symbol of bravery, and is meant to encourage and inspire people to reaching higher and pushing your limits to see what you can do. Eagles are meant to bring a sense of courage, as well as a desire to explore and grow. Dreaming of flying eagles is a symbol of good fortune coming your way, but if it scares or attacks you, this might mean you have some self-imposed limitations to push through. In Christianity, the eagle is seen as a symbol of hope, strength and salvation, while in Islam it represents warlike ferocity and dominion.

The eagle is the biggest and strongest bird and can conquer the sky, which is why eagle symbolism can only be a good thing. The eagle is ferocious whether it’s flying high or close to the ground, and also tells you to save energy for the long flight ahead, on pursuits that matter and on people who will bring happiness, positivity and growth to your life. Step out of your comfort zones and reach higher heights.

The eagle is also associated with self-discovery, renewal and rebirth, as well as inner strength and courage – if you put your heart and mind to it, you can fly high and free.

To summarise some of the Eagle qualities and and symbolism:

  1. As the eagle conserves its energy you should save yours for things that matter.
  2. You need to embrace your freedom.
  3. Explore the unknown areas in your life.
  4. Know when to strike for maximum impact, and embrace changes coming your way instead of hoping things will fall into your lap and life sort itself out.
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Words by Ella Stormark.