Symbolism in our Jewellery: Bears

It might not come as a surprise that Bear symbolism is synonymous with power and strength, not just for body but also in mind, and should serve as an inspiration to be brave, confident and stand up for yourself. Be fearless, but protect yourself, ferocious but with a gentle spirit. Patience is also strong in the bear symbolism, as the bear hibernates and waits for spring, you need to hibernate your ideas until you have the perfect timing and know what your heart is seeking.

The bear is a symbol of authority, but also a reminder of the need for solitude and rest, and recuperation after a long period of battle. As the bear hibernates for months, you need to give yourself some time to reflect and at times heal, and focus your energies in a better way. The Bear should connect you to the earth, and understand the cycles of nature to be able to heal your body, mind and spirit.

To summarise some of the Bear qualities and symbolism:

  1. You’re confident but not arrogant, and have a real strength of mind.
  2. You have inner courage and the ability to dig deep inside yourself to get through difficult times.
  3. You enjoy being a leader and it suits you, as you are confident about your abilities and how that will transcend when leading others.
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As part of our collection we carry Strange Fruit’s plain silver Bear ring, rhodium plated Bear with diamonds and his Bear pendant with chain.

Words by Ella Stormark.