Sizing Restrictions

We regularly receive emails from customers asking to make rings in sizes not displayed on our site, however, we are only able to make each ring in certain sizes, and the sizing restrictions are there for a reason.

As our collection includes a variety of designs from small, dainty pinky rings to large, chunky designs often more suited for a large mans hand, it is unfortunately impossible to make every ring in every size.

We only have one or two cast sizes for each ring, which means that when sizing them up or down a piece of silver will either have to be added or removed. When sizing a small ring, adding a piece of silver too large will weaken the shank and make it prone to bending. For larger pieces, scaling rings down to a certain size will warp the design, often making it wrap too far around the finger and the ring uncomfortable to wear, as well as altering the design. For stone, eye and enamel rings all of the above will apply, as well as making it impossible to set the stone when going smaller or larger than the restrictions, as this would make the collet bend out of shape, which would lead to the stone not fitting.