Oli and Hannah Sykes’ Wedding Bands

Recently we were approached by the super lovely and mega talented couple Hannah Pixie Snowdon and Oliver Sykes to create their wedding bands.

After visiting our London store a handful of times to discuss their ideas with TGF owner and designer Reino Lehtonen-Riley, Reino set to work.

Oli decided on a warm yellow band in 18ct gold, satinised for a matte effect with a diamond subtly set inside the band. To compliment Hannah’s stunning antique engagement ring Reino created a 4mm platinum band with a v-shape to cradle her diamond ring. Delicately encrusted with white diamonds in a grain setting, Hannah and Oli were both over the moon with the finished results.

We caught up with Hannah upon her return to the UK after their honeymoon.


TGF: Can you describe the engagement ring that Oli picked for you?

HPS: Well, boy did good. I was seriously surprised as I wouldn’t even have known what to choose had I been given the chance myself. He got me this super delicate but super cute ornate 1920’s piece, it has teensy little forget me not flowers cut into the sides and a hexagonal diamond set right on top.


TGF: Could you tell us a little about the proposal and wedding?

HPS: The proposal was Christmas 2012, I wasn’t exactly expecting it so I made it as awkward as possible really, haha! I can’t open presents in front of people so I kept turning my back to him and asking if we could watch Home Alone while I was opening it! He was like, “turn around and let’s listen to music BABE”. It was about 30 boxes within boxes until I finally got down to the littlest, final box and I looked up to see him on one knee. I cried.

The wedding was awesome. Literally couldn’t have asked for more. All our nearest and dearest in one beautiful place, a lot of good food, good music and good times as a result.


TGF: How would you describe your personal style when it comes to jewellery?

HPS: To be honest, I don’t really wear much and I am very set in my ways, I’ve worn the same earrings for years and although I do own a couple of beautiful rings from you guys, I don’t own a lot of jewellery. I love anything a little bit Asian inspired and traditional Indian jewellery is just stunning.


TGF: We’re a huge fan of your tattooing style, and the tattoos on you. Do you feel the jewellery you wear lends itself well to this style?

HPS: Aww, thanks a bunch! Definitely, in fact I always go for golds now and more Indian influenced pieces that I feel suit the theme of a lot of my tattoos well. I do love the fact though that my wedding rings are so delicate, and I feel as though they compliment my hand tattoos nicely.


TGF: What inspires you?

HPS: Different ancient cultures from around the world would probably be my main influences when I’m creating art. I travel a lot, so that really helps. People and places inspire me most, definitely.

TGF: Now that you have all the wedding craziness out of the way, what is next for you guys?

HPS: Well Oli and the band have an awesome new album coming out in September (I’m biased but it’s sick!). They also play Reading and Leeds soon which our family is super stoked about, then they have an American tour in October.

I actually fly to Santorini this week to pick up the newest member of the family, a rescue dog called Luna! So I’m incredibly excited for that. Work wise, I’m currently trying to plan for and create my next mini collection over on my site www.blackstabbath.co, I’m looking to get it out before the end of August. I’m tattooing solidly for the next couple of months but I have a couple of exciting projects in the pipeline too, collaborations with some pretty awesome people and I’m especially looking forward to working with Things&Ink magazine tattooing wise. I’m also looking forward to do something regarding veganism and animal cruelty alongside Lush cosmetics later in the year.

Thanks again for making us the illest rings, we <3 you guys hard!