NEW: The Great Frog x Iron Maiden ‘Powerslave Eddie’

Powerslave Eddie is taken from the World Slavery Tour artwork from Iron Maiden’s global tour from 1984-1985. Although this Eddie isn’t from an album cover, this particular reincarnation was one that TGF owner and designer Reino was always fond of as a child; the iconic and striking image from the live tour fascinated him and he would spend hours sketching this Eddie in his school books.

It’s been a dream come true and an honour to work so closely to get Iron Maiden’s approval on this official range, we’ve taken on board criticism from the band and amended the design until they were happy. It’s been a great learning experience and very humbling for us.

From the initial sketch, Reino starts with a lump of wax and whittles away to turn the 2d image into the 3d image – as he says, it’s a simple as that and as complicated as that. We hope you like the final design as much as we do!