NEW: Nāgá Skull Ring

Thanks to you guys, we finally have a name for our latest ring. After hours of debating between ‘Serpent of Doom’, ‘Nāgá Skull’ and ‘Serpent Seer’, we couldn’t all agree on the best name (they’re all pretty rad suggestions so naturally it was tough), but the people spoke, the people chose and the new ring is no longer in name-limbo. The Nāgá Skull is here!

The detail of the hand carved ring is insane – the intricacy of the snake has got to be some of the best work we’ve done. As always the initial design is painstakingly carved into wax by TGF designer Reino before being cast into the beautiful shiny silver you see before you now. For a closer look or to buy the Nāgá Skull Ring, click here.