Mother’s Day Gift Guide 2021

Treat your mum to a TGF classic this Mother’s Day and a present that will last a lifetime.
Find the perfect surprise below with our gift guide.

The last date to order jewellery is this Wednesday, January 27th. 

Mum Ring

Inspired by traditional British Mum and Dad jewellery, with a TGF twist.

This piece is also available in gold, see below.

Winged Gem Ring

The Winged Gem Ring, a stunning ring that looks great on a hand filled with lots of rings or simply beautiful by itself. Made from 925 British hallmarked sterling silver, with a choice of stone.

Square Gem Ring

Our Square Gem Ring with skulls and an ornate setting clutching your choice of a faceted stone. A classic TGF design that was created in the mid-2000s which has been a popular for choice as an alternative engagement ring.

Decorative Setting Ring

The Decorative Stone ring is embellished with stars and fleur de lis on the shank and features an engraved skull hidden in the depths of whichever stone you pick. The skull is only visible with the clear quartz. Made from British hallmarked 925 sterling silver and set with a stone of your choice.

Alphabones Pendant

Wearable silver or gold ‘bone’ letters, an Alphabones Pendant is the perfect piece to honour yourself or your loved one. Choose a letter or two based on their name, your name or something special to you both. Best paired with the Thin Trace Chain.

Eagle Cuff

The ultimate expression of freedom. The Eagle Cuff is a beautifully carved statement piece made in British hallmarked 925 solid sterling silver.

Gold Thin Skull Bangle

Delicate and beautiful, our Gold Thin Skull Bangle is the perfect wrist decoration.

Cross My Heart Deluxe Stacking Bands

Made to stack perfectly together, these dainty rings pack a punch. Also available individually, with no stones in the eyes. The Crossbones Band and the Skull Band.


From the Ashes Hoodie

The Great Frog logo has had many different guises over the years, reflecting the varying eras of its existence. TGF has stood fast over the past five decades just like the phoenix rising from the ashes. We shall endure and evolve. Shop all our apparel here.