Mairi and Bryony

We became friends with Mairi and Bryony after seeing Mairi star in Sink The Pink’s ‘How to Catch a Krampus’ at The Pleasance Theatre back in 2018. It was one of those meetings where the stars aligned and due to too many coincidences we quickly become friends. Both women have TGF jewellery and Mairi was keen to surprise Bryony with the TGF engagement ring of her dreams and it just so happened it was the same time we sourced some salt and pepper diamonds, which style and budget were more suited for them.

They are a truly gorgeous couple inside and out, their zest for life, kindness and personalities are infectious. The proposal story (and video) is one-of-a-kind and suits this vibrant couple perfectly. Read below for more info on this mega couple and make sure to watch the video linked below of the proposal.

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TGF: Tell us how the two of you met?

Bryony: We’re both part of a queer collective called Little Gay Brother who put on and host these mega parties around the world. We met when we were performing together at Secret Garden Party (Mairi is a dancer and I’m a DJ). The LGB team are a huge part of how we met, and the people in it are our family now.

TGF: Was it love at first sight?

We’d known each other for about four years before we got together, and there was always a connection between us. We were drawn to each other when we were together, but we had no idea it at the time that it would ever come to what is has. It’s definitely more accurate to say that it was love at first kiss! We dragged each other under a waterfall installation on the last day of the last Secret Garden and the rest was literally history. We went on our first ‘date’ 4 days after we got back and haven’t left each others side since. It’s mad how the love of your life could be right under your nose and you not even know it.

TGF: How long have you been together now?

Bryony: Two incredible years, it was our anniversary at Brighton Pride this year. It’s wicked because I feel like I’ve known her all my life, but we still have that mad chemistry that you get when you’re in that honeymoon spell…

TGF: Can you tell us a bit about yourself? As far as I’m aware you both work in creative fields, can you tell us a bit more about your work, passions and what you do?

Bryony: We’re one of those couples that don’t ever stop, I thrive off being busy! During the day I work for an amazing company called Huckletree, we’re a creative/tech workspace accelerator. By night I play music in sweaty rooms with one of my best pals as part of a DJ duo called Maze & Masters. It’s a pretty great set up.

Mairi: I’m primarily a performer and do some reception work too. Acting and dancing are my true loves (after Bryony of course) and I sing too. I dance with Little Gay Brother (who are a queer collective of some of my closest pals) which has kept me very busy indeed this year! I’ve also started writing a short film and a play with two of my best mates – I feel very blessed to be pursuing my childhood dream and have the bonus of working with some of my favourite people.

TGF: The proposal – how did it come about?

Bryony: Honestly? I was having a lovely time in a special bar in Berlin – it was about 9am in the morning and ‘I Want Your Love’ by Chic came on, and it just came to me in the madness of the moment. Brighton Pride was coming up and we were performing there together, it just so happened that it was our 1 year anniversary and when you know, you know! To me it just felt like the best idea in the world and I knew I had to make it happen.

Mairi loves a show so with the help of the Little Gay Brother crew we organised to do it on the stage that we both were performing on whilst Mairi was still dancing. It was absolute magic, I completely shit myself but it couldn’t have been more perfect for us, surrounded by our best friends and family. One of pals who is a really talented videographer caught it all on camera too!

[You have to watch this video, words can’t do it this proposal justice..]

TGF: Have you decided on a where and when for the big day?

Mairi: We’ve discussed this at length and our dream would be to take it back to where it all started, on the grounds of Secret Garden Party. We haven’t set a date yet, but to be back at that magical spot where we met each other would be unreal.

TGF: Bryony, you have a forever after engagement ring from us – why did you decide on a TGF and what’s your history with the brand? Have you got any other pieces in your collection? If so, which?

Bryony: I’ve followed you guys for years. I remember the first time I saw the London shop, I stumbled across it when I took a wrong turning in Canarby Street and have been obsessed ever since. Apart from my beautiful engagement ring, my collection pretty much consists of good luck charms – they’re my talismans! I’ve got an Ace of Spades that was bought for me as a leaving present by my old team at Soho House, and a large silver Horseshoe which Mairi bought for me at when I started my new role after that. They never leave my hands.

TGF: How will the rest of the theme be for the wedding, have you got the look all planned out?

Mairi – Festival themed we reckon – Think hay bales, fairy lit forests, dj’s, camping and maybe we’ll bring back the odd treadmill and waterfall installation! Obviously getting TGF wedding bands to add to the collection!

Bryony: We’re basically wanting to recreate the festival where it all happened, including the Little Gay Brother tent that we both performed in. We want it to be the same level of magic and madness that we remember it being, and for all of our friends and family to be able to experience what we did at the time we fell in love.