Looking After Your Silver TGF Jewellery

We recommend looking after your TGF jewellery by using a polishing cloth. It is advisable to avoid any chemicals or silver cleaners as these will remove the oxidisation (blackened effect on details). A polishing cloth should be all you need to keep your TGF pieces shiny and looking great.

If your jewellery has become unquestionably dirty, we recommend warm water, adding some washing up liquid and using an old toothbrush to clean up your jewellery.

Due to the technique we used to darken (oxidise) our jewellery to bring out the detail in each piece, this is what usually turns the finger a little black. If your finger is turning a little green it could be to do with the acidity in your skin or a reaction with the “solder” we use when resizing the rings.

In any instance, I wouldn’t recommend cleaning the ring with any silver solution, rather just with fairy liquid, an old toothbrush and warm water. Scrub just the inside of the ring and then clean with a silver polishing cloth.

We sell them on our website for £5. Here is the link:

Silver is not an indestructible metal so please take care to look after your TGF pieces.