Interview with… Emily Malice

Tattoo artist, illustrator and friend of TGF Emily Malice sees her art as adornments to make people feel strong in their skin. Her work draws from the pleasure and pain experienced along the way. She is also an entrepreneur, model and designer. She co-founded Filthy Cute a sustainable apparel brand and recently launched her own tattoo studio business during lockdown in Clerkenwell, Scorpio Mars Tattoo.

What inspired you to start your tattoo career?
Drawing and creating art has been my purpose and salvation. I love talking to people and feeling that connection, so getting to hang out with amazing humans all day and making art for them seemed like a match made in heaven.

Have you had any ‘pinch me’ moments during your career?
Coming to London and working with my idols @duncanxtattoo and @abinniepaperandskin is a fond memory I treasure deeply. I opened my shop in Clerkenwell around the corner from where the iconic Into You Tattoo once stood. Being in that area of London feels like magic to me.

You started your own business during lockdown, has this been beneficial and have you overcome any obstacles?
Although I have only been open for three sweet weeks, it’s been a blessing in disguise – it’s given us time to paint the shop and fill it full of nicknacks and put our energy into the bones of the shop so it feels like home, ready to welcome people into Scorpio Mars. I miss working terribly but it’s allowed me time to focus on properly archiving my endless folders of work and sort the business side of the shop. I would of put that off if I wasn’t at home chilling.

Any tips for ladies to believe in themselves or some pick-me-up advice?
I’m a firm believer in affirmations and manifestations! If you don’t believe in yourself then how are you going to make it happen? Say what you want, write it down, make a mood board. Make it a physical place in your life and give yourself to it. I drew every day and missed out on some cool parties here and there but my career has always come first. There are only so many hours in a day, so if you really want it you have to dedicate yourself to your dreams.

Who are your favourite women to follow or are there any women on your radar doing amazing things?
Munroe @munroebergdorf an incredible activist and inspiration,
Tessa @tessametcalfe gorgeous jewellery designer,
Dinah @modestgold (think that’s her handle) someone who lives her life proud and shows us you can be yourself,
My mum who I learned my work ethic from,
Sorcha @sorchafinchyoga my favourite yoga teacher who helps me look after my body and stay strong.
Also, @bosskitty__ my manager who has the most soothing laugh, @stephbolam my extreme sports inspiration and who I make @filthycuteldn with, @amaa.nitaa, @ratteface, @sofire94 and @alien_ink_ from my shop, along with @mariimals, my gorgeous astrologer and DJ and @jadeshamraeff who is an incredible director.

Any fun plans for 2021?
Having an iconic opening party, seeing my family and wild swimming.

What’s your favourite TGF Piece?
A pinky ring that my family got me, the Small Skull & Crossbones Signet Ring.

Favourite Record?
Slow Thai

Favourite Book?
Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk

Favourite Podcast?
Anything by Jon Ronson