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Interview with… Charles

We take a walk around Soho with TGF friend and genre-blending musician Charles to chat all things Prince, his tips on cultivating confidence, and his desire to transport people away from their problems and stresses with his soulful music.

Tell us your musical style in a nutshell?

I always find this question a hard one, because I don’t like to pigeonhole it but I’d say it’s a cocktail of many different genres. Imagine Barry White and Prince having a child… But in all seriousness, it’s just me making music, so the style is me.

Who are your biggest influences, musical or non-musical?

Has to be Prince. I’ve spent hours listening to his music and reading books about his life and been absolutely fascinated by his artistry. A true genius and icon. Other huge influences are Beyonce (obvs), Marvin Gaye, Nao, Max Ritcher and Sade to name a few.

Your confidence shines, what advice would you give to people who aren’t feeling confident in themselves? 

It would be that although I look like I shine confidence, I also don’t sometimes and that’s absolutely fine. Confidence comes from I guess feeling fully comfortable with yourself. To be accepting of all the best and worst bits that make you who you are. I would say that once you embrace that you no longer doubt yourself, and with that comes confidence. I don’t believe that you have a constant state of confidence, but by surrounding yourself with honest, loving people and some self-love, you can feel that feeling more.

How do you want people to feel after leaving one of your shows?

I want to be able to transport people away from their problems and stresses of life. To get completely engulfed and lost in the moment for those 45 minutes of the set and forget who they are. Once they leave, I’ve always hoped that they feel lighter and just happier than when they came in. Music has offered me so much escape when I needed it most, so I really do hope I can do the same.

Where can people catch your shows?

I’m based in London, so lots of my shows are there. But the best thing to do is follow me on socials so I can keep ya posted.

Which piece of TGF jewellery do you think best symbolises your energy?

Has to be the ‘Bowie Eye’ Ring. Was one of my first pieces and I’ve got such a strong feeling towards it. Each of my rings tells a different story or part of my life, so I’m very precious about them.

What would world domination look like to you? 

Being the soundtrack to people’s lives, I guess. In the happiest of moments and the darkest of days, me and my music being able to shape and inspire the world. Mad thought when you deep it lol.

“Music has offered me so much escape when I needed it most, so I really do hope I can do the same.”

What are your favourite London spots?

House of KOKOin Camden is without a doubt one of the best live music venues. Love it there for all the music, food and interiors.

Plum Valleybest dim sum big fave.

Yeye Noodle and Dumplings The ramen here is no joke.

Pick n Weigh Vintage clothes shop that I get lost in for hours.

The Great Frog My number one jewellery designer.


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