Handmade in London

Visitors to our London flagship store are often puzzled by the buzzing noise they can hear beneath their feet, we’re often asked if there’s a tattoo shop downstairs.

‘Handmade in London’ is no exaggeration; each and every individual piece of jewellery purchased from our London, LA and NYC stores and online is hand crafted in the basement of our 44 year old Carnaby Street residence.
Remember when ordering that as each piece is sized to order, this can take time. We recommend allowing at least 2 weeks when ordering online to allow us time to fulfil your order; from us ordering from our casters, to the work on the piece of jewellery, to having the silver stamped with a hallmark, it’s a timely business and we always want to give you the finest finished product.

Watch the video below by Hilt Journal to see the love and attention that goes into your handmade jewellery!