Father’s Day – Mum and Dad collection

With this year’s Father’s day creeping up on us (17th of June), we figured it would be a good time to launch our latest collection fittingly titled ‘Mum and Dad’, a collection that’s holds a significant meaning to owner and designer Reino:

“With recently becoming a dad I feel such huge pride in my daughter and family. I had never fully understood seeing Mum and Dad rings in traditional British jewellery shops, looking upon them rather shamefully with cynicism in classist mockery. Now having a child of my own I see things in a different light and want to embrace this tradition of British jewellery albeit with a bit of Great Frog refinement, I want parents to wear this ring with pride.”

Father’s day have been celebrated in some form ever since the middle ages, and is a celebration honouring fathers, celebrating fatherhood, paternal bonds, and the influence of fathers in society, and have in this day and age become more of a reminder to take the time out of our ever so busy schedules to spend time with and appreciate family, fathers and grandfathers, and other male characters that holds a special meaning in your life. There’s obviously the just as important Mother’s day celebrating the females who gave us life, family and motherhood. Complementing the ‘Dad’ ring we’ve also got the ‘Mum’ ring, with a ‘Mom’ ring in the works for America.

With this collection, we want Mums and Dads of the world to carry a piece of their family and The Great Frog with them everywhere they go, a timeless piece of hand carved British Jewellery, constantly reminding them of their pride and joys in life.