Customer Portraits | Nigel Lupton

Nigel. What an OG.

This wonderful gentleman has been a customer of The Great Frog’s for decades. Along with his wife, the two bike enthusiasts stumbled across TGF in the 80s and their obsession with the jewellery started then. He’s as friendly as as warm as he looks, with a humour than only those from the north east of England posses. He traveled down to London on the train the night before for the shoot, stayed on Brick Lane (had a curry, naturally) then joined us bright and breazy in the morning to talk about his collection, his biking stories and everything in between. What a pleasure to have met Nigel. Such a genuine, interesting person who can pull off two eye pendants like a G.

Nigel’s first piece was the Horizontal Eye Ring when he and his now wife were doing some shopping on Carnaby Street and got drawn in by the shop. When the couple got married years later in 2008 they came to TGF to get their wedding bands. His vast collection includes: Wes Lang Reaper, Motorhead Warpig, Lion Ring, Horizontal Eye Ring, 2 Thick Link Bracelets, 2 Eye Pendants (red and blue) and several designs that we no longer sell.


We asked if he had any special memories of his many trips to the shop. This is the perfect story of how much we value, love and enjoy the company of our customers.

“For my 57th birthday I got the bike out of the garage and had a great day riding down to London (from the north east) to visit The Great Frog and get my photo taken outside the shop. I think it was Jess who made it very special by going and getting a birthday cake for me and we shared its with the rest of the customers in the shop”

Photography by Josh Beech.